Deby Katz
(dskatz AT gmail DOT com)
About Me
I completed my Ph.D. (Identification of Software Failures in Complex Systems Using Low-Level Execution Data) in Carnegie Mellon University's Computer Science Department in September 2020. My Ph.D. advisor was Claire Le Goues in SquaresLab, and I worked with her on the applications of low-level analysis in software engineering. I also collaborated with Philip Koopman and roboticists at NREC on robotics applications for software quality techniques. Broadly, my research interests include software quality assurance, binary analysis, and software for autonomous and robotics systems. More specifically, I've focused on applying dynamic binary instrumentation to software quality assurance; using low-level software engineering techniques in the domains of robotics and autonomous vehicles; assessing factors that affect behavior in robotics and autonomous systems; robotics simulation; and new approaches to decompilation.

I graduated from Amherst College in 2004, majoring in Computer Science. I graduated from New York University School of Law in 2007, with a J.D. I worked for several years as an intellectual property litigator in New York before returning to computer science. After graduating with my Ph.D., I worked on research and development at Seegrid, a maker of autonomous mobile robotics for industrial settings.

I am a world traveler, having visited all seven continents. I enjoy theater, knitting, and cooking.